Middle School No. 2 in Namysłów

Middle School No. 2 in Namysłów was established in 1999 as a result of introducing a new system school reform.

Our school is located in the south-west of Poland with about 300 students.
The vision of our school is preparing to live in a united Europe, bringing up creative people, open-minded, enterprising, informed and confident moving in the world of values and able to make the right choices.

We are the school in which the student's skills priorities are:
  1. Knowledge and skills necessary to complete junior high school and continue their education.
  2. Communication skills:
    • verbal communication in both Polish and foreign languages,
    • the ability to search and analyze information,
    • the ability to use a computer.
  3. Social skills:
    • ability to work in a group and in the classroom,
    • accountability - taking responsibility for the execution of tasks and the ability to bear the consequences,
    • Interpersonal communication - assertiveness and conflict resolution skills.
  4. Psychological skills and dispositions:
    • self-esteem,
    • self-awareness,
    • self-discipline,
    • motivation.

In all classes of our school two languages are taught: English and German.
English is realized in three hours, and studying in the class of the English language is extended to 6 hours.
German language is taught 2 hours per week in each class.

Language learning takes place in groups according to skill level. Students admitted to our school always write a leveling test so that teachers could divide them into groups. In foreign language classes the teachers use different teaching methods to make the lessons more attractive (e.g. listening to songs and watching movies in foreign languages, the use of multimedia technology in teaching). Students have the opportunity to participate in various competitions, extracurricular activities developing communication skills and preparing for Gimnazjum Exam, expanding the knowledge of the culture and history of the German and English-speaking countries. We also provide assistance to students who have difficulties in the assimilation of the aforementioned languages.

After-School Activities

Apart from normal lessons we also have after-school activities e.g.:
  • Drama Club
  • Fishing Club
  • European Club
  • Sports Club
  • Art Club

Teachers do their best to make the students stay at school. Also there are after-school activities which are helpful for weaker students to improve the learning.  

Sports Base

Our school sports base consists of the following objects:
  • Sports hall "Orzeł" equipped with baskets full-size basketball and volleyball court, a gym, a small sitting room with gym, two large locker rooms with full sanitary facilities (toilets and showers)
  • Sports Complex "Orlik" - mini football pitch on artificial grass surface with dimensions of 30 x 62m and tartan-surfaced playground for volleyball and basketball with dimensions of 19.1 x 32.1 m The pitch is equipped with steel baskets for basketball and volleyball net stretched to the poles. In addition, there is an open-air gym.
  • "Biały Orlik" - artificial ice rink measures 20 x 20m.
  • Our school benefits from an indoor swimming pool in the “Delfin” recreation centre where P.E. classes are conducted.


Our students achieve many successes both in subject and artistic contests, and also in sports competitions:
  1. The students from Drama Club prepare plays which are shown on the stage in our local Culture Centre and take part in language contests;
  2. Members of the vocal band take leading positions in different song contests;
  3. Students who are talented at painting make the reproductions of the paintings of famous artists – their little masterpieces decorate not only our school but also many offices in our town;
  4. The sportsmen and sportswomen are successful at athletics and fishing at communal and provincial levels;
  5. Finally, our students take part in subject contests with positive results and are finalists of the contests at provincial level.
Opracowała Kaja Ciepiela

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